The Rehab Program is a comprehensive process that is used to help businesses that have had issues with their risk management programs and need to get back on track. This program is tailored to accounts that have a large auto exposure. The overall goal is to make the client’s business safer and improve insurance cost control. Please note that this is subject to change based on the risk profile of the client and the timeline of the current insurance policies.  

Initial Review: Prior to the first meeting, we review both the current SAFER profile and five years of currently valued loss runs (needed from insured) to identify trends and come up with a program and timeline that is tailored to your business trends, exposures and insurance policy timelines. This process can be scaled to any time during the insurance policy period, but is best done sooner rather than later (i.e. the further out from your renewal date).  
Review Meeting: Discuss program, timeline and cost with ownership. A plan is put in motion and necessary contracts are signed. The following are required to move forward:

  • Control of the insurance program. The policies must be signed over via a BOR so we can start implementing the process.

  • Commitment of ownership and management. This is not an easy process and will require work from several parties.  

  • Established calendar of how and when the process will take place.

  • Established cost structure and a clear picture of pricing on services that require additional fees. 


This phase can take as little as one week and as much as one month, dependent on the client’s organization and size of business. The following items are assessed in detail: 

  • Current Insurance Program – This allows us to delve into the polices and make sure the right coverages are in place and to assess the market (company) to see if it is truly the best option for your business.  

  • Driver Qualification Files – These are very important, and the level of organization and completeness of the file can tell us a lot about a business. Review of the file will include the following: Application, Driver MVR, Initial Background Checks, Medical Examiner Card, Certificate of Road Test, Safety Program, Hiring Standards, etc. We usually only need to look at 3-4 to get the picture.  

  • Controls/Policies Currently in Place – Drug and Alcohol, Distracted driving, etc.

  • Current Training Program – Status, topics, frequency, staff involved, etc. 

  • Three-Year DOT Recordable Accident Registrar 

  • Vehicle Maintenance Records 

  • Driver Time Sheets – We look at two different periods, either weekly or bi-weekly. 


This phase takes all the information we have assessed and uses it to build a new and improved risk management program based on four categories: 1) Insurance Program 2) Loss Control 3) Training and 4) Compliance. This phase of the process can take several months and depending on the size of the business, could require at onsite visits.  

Insurance Program: The following services are enacted so that we can sell you as best as possible to the insurance market.

  • Narrative Formation – We work with management to highlight specific safety programs, outline potential growth and emphasize ownerships commitment to safety. We also address and explain your side of large losses since the brief description on the loss runs does not always tell your side of the story.  

  • Exposure Analysis – We asses all aspects of your business to ensure you have the correct coverage for all exposures.  

  • Certificate Program – We go over who you are extending certificates to and coverage to make sure it is up to date and not overextending your coverage.  

  • Market Analysis – We assess your current markets and available markets that are open to writing your type of business. 

  • Website Review – Often, insureds are putting too much information on their websites. We review your website through the eyes of an underwriter, so you can make changes that will have you looked at in a different light.  

  • Insurtech Implementation – This involves implementing dash cams and telematics.  

  • MVR Monitoring – This involves working with our third-party vendor to have continuous monitoring on all drivers.  


Loss Control: Implement the following: Employee Safety Program Review & Development, Fleet Safety Program Review & Development, Property Analysis, Equipment Certifications, Return to Work Programs, Emergency/Contingency Planning. 


Training: Material and format is implemented for the following topics: Employee Onboarding, Equipment Operators, CDL Drivers, Non-CDL Drivers, Workplace Safety, Drug & Alcohol Awareness, First Aid/CPR, Insurance Basics.


Compliance: A key component of the overall plan, this will better prepare your business to handle any type of audit.  

  • DOT: Driver Qualification Files, DOT Policy Review, DOT Specific Training, Recordable Accident Registrar, Vehicle Maintenance Records, Driver Time Sheets, Equipment Inspection, Drug & Alcohol Testing 

  • OSHA (Recommended): Supervisor Training (10 Hours), Management Training (30 Hours)


As the above processes are being implemented we will be putting together the marketing plan for your insurance renewal. Once we are 90 days out from the expiration date, we will go to market with the companies that we have predetermined and work with them to provide multiple quotes.


Depending on the size and profile of your operation, the insurance companies will send out a loss control representative to pre-inspect your business and determine if it is a good risk. We think this is a best-case scenario because after you have gone through the process above you will be a well-oiled machine and it is best for them to see that in person. We will help coach you through these visits. Often these visits are not attended by management and ownership, but it is very important that everyone be involved because you want to make sure these company representatives walk away impressed.  


Once quotes are gathered, we will help you make the best decision for your company based on cost control and coverage. 

After a company is picked, it is important to make sure you are utilizing everything they have to offer. The following are a few things we like to do once you decide on a carrier: 

  • Carrier Services Onboarding - Implement and facilitate how to use the various services offered by insurance carriers. 

  • Carrier Meetings - Facilitate meetings between management on the carrier side and ownership on the customer side to build lasting relationships. 


It is important to mention that the pricing and market interest with your insurance program is a variable that we do not completely control. There are several factors that will affect how you are viewed and priced by the insurance market, including but not limited to previous insurance losses, the economy, the overall insurance market the attitude and commitment of ownership, etc. While these factors are out of our control, we are committed to controlling as much as possible moving forward and doing everything we can to market you in the best way to the insurance marketplace.  


Although the Rehab Program is a great jumpstart to getting on the right track, the truth is that risk management is constantly evolving. Our goal with the Rehab Program is to transform poorly performing businesses (from a loss control aspect) into safer risks. How long the transformation takes is dependent, in large part, to the commitment of management. 


As an agency it is our job to keep up to date with the services that we can offer our customers. As long as you are a customer you will have access to updated information regarding all aspects of your risk control. We partner with a DOT consultant who can give advice and walk you through any questions that you might have.  


As part of our renewal process, every year we will go over a cost control calendar that identifies the services that we plan to implement throughout the year so that you know what to expect.  


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