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Customer Service Representative


Clare Beagle

Clare Beagle was born and raised in Colorado. She graduated from Littleton High School and then went on to attend Louisiana State University. Upon returning back to Colorado, she met her husband Jeff, and began working at a collection law firm where she stayed for 5 yrs. 


In 2015, she accepted a position at a prestigious law firm as a file clerk in downtown Denver. She quickly was promoted to legal assistant after 6 months. She loved learning for the next 4 yrs about criminal defense, civil litigation, and insurance from a personal injury standpoint.


In the fall of 2019, Clare and her family relocated to Austin, Texas. She’s since joined LIS and is enjoying applying her drive and dedication to this new team.

Clare enjoys spending time with her husband Jeff, son Wyatt (age 6) and daughter Scarlett (11 months). They are looking forward to exploring their new home state of Texas.

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