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When we started LIS, we set out to approach the agency model in a different way. As we looked at the competition around the country we realized that there are far too many generalists agencies that dabble in every industry. We feel that what sets us apart is our specialization and industry expertise. We want to bring true differentiation to our clients and build our value add services around issues that really help them improve.

We realized, as the world changes, people expect more of the partners they choose to do business with. With that mentality in mind, we asked ourselves what we could do to set ourselves apart from the generalist agencies that have been around for decades. The approach we came up with is to laser focus on the things we do well and develop our markets, staff, loss control, and industry expertise around those target clients. We are not going to be the right fit for every business; however, for the niches that we specialize in, there is no doubt that we will set ourselves apart.


We pride ourselves on the additional services and industry knowledge we bring to the table over and above just placing coverage. LIS 365 is a program we developed to ensure our customers remain compliant, safe, highly functional and in tune with emerging technology that can assist in loss control. Innovative products are coming out every day that help companies mitigate their risk. We help to assess the products that are really making a difference so that our customers can achieve best-in-class insurance programs and save on insurance costs.


The framework we have created has enabled LIS to set itself apart as an agency. Should you choose to work with us, you will quickly find that our approach is different. We want clients that are open to evolving and improving. 

The end goal is to help our customers not only become a better risk, but a better business.

Why Choose a Specialty Agent?


In this day and age, it is imperative that we are available to our clients at any time and that every request and inquiry is attended to as quickly and efficiently as possible. With more than 30 years in the lumber insurance business, we have seen almost everything this industry has to offer. We are able to attend to situations with a knowledge and expertise your general agent will not have.

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