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Loss Control • Training • Compliance


Marketing of Insurance Plan

As the above processes are being implemented, we will be putting together the marketing plan for your insurance renewal. Once we are 90 days out from the expiration date, we will go to market with the companies that we have predetermined and work with them to provide multiple quotes.

Depending on the size and profile of your operation, the insurance companies will send out a loss control representative to pre-inspect your business and determine if it is a good risk. We think this is a best-case scenario because after you have gone through the process above you will be a well-oiled machine and it is best for them to see that in person. We will help coach you through these visits. Often these visits are not attended by management and ownership, but it is very important that everyone be involved because you want to make sure these company representatives walk away impressed. 


Once quotes are gathered, we will help you make the best decision for your company based on cost control and coverage.


After a company is picked, it is important to make sure you are utilizing everything they have to offer. The following are a few things we like to do once you decide on a carrier:

  • Carrier Services Onboarding – Implement and facilitate how to use the various services offered by insurance carriers.

  • Carrier Meetings – Facilitate meetings between management on the carrier side and ownership on the customer side to build lasting relationships.


It is important to mention that the pricing and market interest with your insurance program is a variable that we do not completely control. There are several factors that will affect how you are viewed and priced by the insurance market, including but not limited to previous insurance losses, the economy, the overall insurance market, the attitude and commitment of ownership, etc. While these factors are out of our control, we are committed to controlling as much as possible moving forward and doing everything we can to market you in the best way to insurance marketplace.

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